Cramped Photo Bus?

If your Sun Valley planner told you that you could only use two-thirds of the tent for your guests, what would you do? If your Dj or band told you they would only play two-thirds of your requests or the caterer only fed two-thirds of your guests, how would you feel?

Bella, the One Fun Photo Bus is a fully restored 1976 VW bus with some very luxury features. Her full size back seat allows not only more guests to sit on it, but more to be in the photos. Take a good look at the photos from some of the “photo buses” out there and you might notice people jammed into two-thirds of a back seat. This is because they only offer two-thirds of a seat due to a closet taking up the other third.

When looking for a photo bus for your Sun Valley wedding or your wedding anywhere in Southern Idaho, check out Idaho’s Favorite Photo Bus, One Fun Photo Bus. Your guests will thank you for giving them a place they can comfortably sit, make memories and have photos taken with more than one other person.